Drive the Sustainable Motor industry forward

This is our journey. Become a part of it. Let's shape the future. Hand in hand.


We are building technologies and solutions that will drive the Zero Emission future.

At Chara, we collaborate to pioneer and craft technologies that drive the Sustainable Motor industry forward.


Be Part of Something Bigger

Join a team committed to redefining the landscape of Motor technology with Sustainability at its core. At Chara, every project you work on contributes to a greener, more Sustainable future, aligning your professional goals with meaningful impact.

Grow With Us
Professional development is key to our mutual success. We provide the resources, support, and learning opportunities you need to advance your career, expand your skills, and realise your potential.

Innovation at Every Step
Immerse yourself in an environment where Innovation is the status quo. Chara is where your ideas can transform challenges into solutions that redefine what's possible in Sustainable Motor technology.

A Global Community
As part of the Chara team, you're not just an employee but a vital member of a global community. Collaborate with diverse, talented professionals who share your vision for a Sustainable future, leveraging various perspectives to drive collective success.

Your Development Matters
We invest in you. Chara is dedicated to fostering your growth, offering learning opportunities, professional development, and a career path that evolves with you, ensuring your journey with us is continually rewarding and fulfilling.

Careers at Chara

Vacancies will be posted soon. Stay tuned and keep refreshing!