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Our Motor Systems are as Efficient as any Permanent Magnet Motors but are also Rare-Earth-Free and Cost-Effective

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The Chara Advantage

Energy Savings


Save energy costs with Efficiency matching PM Motors

Co2 Footprint


Less CO2 consumed with sustainable raw materials

No Supply Risk


Freedom from hard to source/mine Rare-Earth minerals

Cost Advantage


Lower cost from eliminating Rare-Earth magnets

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From EVs to Industrial Motors, we set the standard for a perfect Reluctance Motor System. Designed for you.

Sustainable Motors

Developed using Sustainable materials, our Motors redefine energy Efficiency and environmental responsibility

Smart Controllers

Our advanced firmware boosts Efficiency and Reliability, setting new standards in Motor control for demanding applications.


The best Motor design technology giving you the winning edge

Synchronous Reluctance
Motor Systems

Delivering superior reliability without demagnetisation risks, our motors maximise efficiency by eliminating electromagnetic losses and utilize Cost-Effective, High-Strength materials for enhanced durability.

Intelligent Controllers

Experience peak motor performance while ensuring optimum efficiency, thermal management and smooth, Ripple-Free torque delivery with motor control systems that is powered by our Drive Control Firmware (DCF).

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